About us

  • Our shop

    Topled.en is an online lighting store, whose products include lighting solutions for individual home spaces, commercial premises and outdoors. The modern, long-lasting and high-quality luminaires we offer allow you to meet your most individual needs. 

    Our purpose

    To offer products that meet the highest standards, enabling you to reduce electricity consumption without sacrificing comfort and efficiency. We are constantly looking for technological innovations and the most advanced solutions, so we add new products to the range.

    Why TOPLED?

    • We will advise you 

    Depending on your needs, TOPLED specialists will provide professional and useful advice, ensuring the selection of a quality product. 

    • We offer you a wide selection of luminaires 

    The range includes luminaires for homes, offices, factories, warehouses or outdoor lighting (street or street lighting). 

    • We will take back the wrong goods and provide a warranty on the goods 

    If you do not like the appearance or functioning of the product, you will be able to return the product or replace it with another one, and we will also provide a product warranty for all products. 

    • We deliver goods throughout Europe 

    The goods will be delivered quickly and conveniently by the courier service.