About us

  • TOPLED - LED luminaires suppliers witch production includes lighting solutions in individual home spaces, commercial rooms and outside. Modern, durable and high quality luminaires are offered by TOPLED.


    Our goal is to offer highest standards products wich is to give you a chance to lower electricity consumption without losing comfort and efficiency feeling. We are constantly searching for technology innovations and the most advanced solutions.



    *We will advise you

    Depending on your needs TOPLED specialists will give you a professional and useful consultation 


    *We offer you a wide choice of luminaires

    In the assortment you will find luminaires for home, office, factory premises, warehouses and outside lighting.


    *We will accept invalid products back and we will give product warranty. 

    If you dont like how the product looks you can return the item or change it with another one.



    We are certified as "A" class leaders in it's size category and sector of activities.